Ignacio Aguilar Lazagabaster

IHO Affiliated Graduate Student
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TEMPE Campus

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Graduate Student
Liberal Arts & Sciences


Ignacio Lazagabaster received a Degree in biology from the Autonomous University of Madrid (Spain) in 2011 and a Master in Human Biology and Evolution from the University of Coimbra (Portugal) in 2013.

He joined ASU to pursue a PhD in evolutionary anthropology in 2014 thanks to La Caixa Graduate Fellowship. He studies the ecology and evolution of African mammals in relation to paleoclimatic and environmental change in the context of human evolution. In particular, Ignacio is interested in the study of suids (pigs, hogs) and their fossil eastern African relatives. 




- Degree in Biology (2011) Autonomous University of Madrid, Spain

- Master in Human Evolution and Biology (2013) University of Coimbra, Portugal

- Field experience: Las Hoyas Site, Spain (Cretaceous); Somosaguas Site, Spain (Miocene); Orce, Spain (Lower Pleistocene); Vanguard Cave, Gibraltar (Late Pleistocene); Teixoneres-Toll Cave System (Late Pleistocene), Santa Mar´┐Ża de Besora (Medieval-Modern), Arauzo de Miel (Spanish Civil War Fossa), Koobi Fora Field School, Kenya (Plio-Pleistocene), Geelwal Karoo, South Africa (Middle to Late Pleistocene), Ledi-Geraru, Ethiopia (Plio-Pleistocene), Lomekwi, Kenya (Plio-Pleistocene). 

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Research Interests

Human Evolution, Vertebrate Paleontology, Mammalian Evolutionary Trends from the Miocene ownwards in East Africa and South Africa, Paleoecology of the Suoidea, Physical Anthropology, Paleopatology.

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