Paige Madison

IHO Affiliated Graduate Student
Graduate Assistant/Associate
TEMPE Campus

Student Information

Graduate Student
History and Philosophy of Science
Liberal Arts & Sciences


Paige’s research interests lie at the intersection of history and the science of human origins. Her research focuses on fossils as scientific objects, examining the roles fossils play in the scientific process. Paige’s research questions include: what happens once a fossil is discovered, who talks about it, where is it held, where does it travel, and why? She argues that the approach of focusing on the fossil provides insights into a variety of topics such as the geography of science, the specialization of new scientific disciplines, the methods of a new science, and more.

Paige takes an interdisciplinary approach in understanding the history of paleoanthropology by working with The Center for Biology and Society, as well as researchers at the Institute of Human Origins and The School of Human Evolution & Social Change. Paige also values public outreach and is involved with programs such as the Embryo Project Encyclopedia and Ask a Biologist. Additionally she is developing good social media practices for academics to communicate history and science. She hopes to use her fascination for fossils to spark the public’s interest in science and communicate it to a larger audience.

Research Interests


Paiges current project focuses on the discoveries, controversies, and reception of the first Neandertal skulls discovered in. She argues that studying the history of paleoanthropology is a valuable resource in understanding the ways scientists view humankind's own life history and place in nature. Her research focus on Neandertal fossils addresses Neandertals resemblance to Homo sapiens. This resemblance confronts scientists with questions about what might differentiate humans from other fossil hominins, and in extension, what separates humans from the rest of the natural world.


Spring 2016
Course Number Course Title
BIO 312 Bioethics