Ask An Anthropologist

Ask An Anthropologist

What makes us human? 

When did our brains get big?

When did people start using tools and how old are the oldest tools?

What do chimpanzees and other primates tell us about how humans evolved?

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Affiliated Alumni

Graduates affiliated with the Institute of Human Origins are going on to challenging and impactful careers in science, academia, and research. Below is a growing list of our alumni and where they are making a mark on the field of anthropology. 

IHO Research Council and Executive Board

The Institute of Human Origins is a model for a strong public/private partnership between ASU and the IHO Research Council. That partnership is key to our success and a critical aspect of our long-term vision.

The IHO Research Council comprises individuals from business, education, and scientific communities who provide strategic guidance and financial support for operations, research, and outreach and, through its broad network, provides an outlet for IHO’s diverse public programs.

International Research Affiliates

In addition to ASU faculty, IHO incorporates an international network of research affiliates whose research perspectives, skills, and tools extend and reinforce IHO’s transdisciplinary mission in human origins research and student training.

Zeresenay Alemseged PhD, University of Chicago, Illinois

African early hominins, paleoecology

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