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The Institute of Human Origins has a long history of research in Africa and the world to understand the course and timing of human development—the history of how we “became human.” This is our human history, and we believe that sharing this knowledge with the public is as important as sharing the science.

Faculty Experts

Institute of Human Origins' faculty researchers have expertise in the following research areas and locations. To see specific publications associated with our research faculty, go to the Publications and Articles page of this website.

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Media Contacts

For media inquiries, contact:

Julie Russ, Assistant Director
Communications and External Relations
Office 480.727.6571
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Currently, IHO news and science is distributed through an "e-news" newsletter with all the same fascinating science and news that was in the print edition, plus more information about our research scientists and graduate students via videos, social media, and blogs!

Books and chapters

Books by our research faculty

How Humans Evolved. Robert Boyd, J.B. Silk. New York: W.W.

Annual Highlights

Our Annual Highlights cover Institute of Human Origins' research funding, scientific publishing, and media mentions over the past year.

Read the 2017 highlights above, or download the PDF [2.9MB]. Then, learn more about our research and how you can support this important work.

Science articles and publications

2011  (top)

Evolution of the lower third premolar in early Australopithecus
Journal of Human Evolution 60 (711–730). January 2011.
L. Delezene and W.H. Kimbel 

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The Institute of Human Origins is a research unit of the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences.

Graduate students affiliated with IHO's research faculty apply to the School of Human Evolution and Social Change. More information about the graduate program and application process can be found here.