James Baxter

Digital Communications Specialist
University Staff
TEMPE Campus


James Baxter is a web developer with the School of Life Sciences' Visualization Lab. They build and maintain websites, troubleshoot technical problems, and occasionally work on illustration and print design. 

James has built project, unit, and department websites throughout the ASU ecosystem, and worked on ASU's wildly popular and long-lived biology website for kids, Ask A Biologist, as well as sister sites Ask An Anthropologist and Ask An Earth and Space Scientist.

Drawing from a background in fine arts and humanities, James strives to develop sites that are communicative, dynamic and culturally relevant. James approaches each project — from websites, to magazines, brochures and illustrations — with a steady focus and attention to detail.


  • Bachelor of Fine Arts Painting, Arizona State University, 2012
  • Bachelor of Arts Women and Gender Studies, Arizona State University, 2012
  • Undergraduate Certificate in LGBT Studies, Arizona State University, 2011