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The Institute of Human Origins is one of the preeminent research organizations in the world devoted to the science of human origins.



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Doctoral graduate lived in wild Tanzania for primate research
Recent Evolutionary Anthropology doctoral graduate Samantha Russak spent 12 months from 2010–2011 in the backcountry of western Tanzania investigating the community ecology of chimpanzees, near the village of Issa in the Ugalla region, by observing resource use by both the chimpanzees and their competitorsRead the full article >

IHO at the "cutting-edge" of research in early tool technologies
Two published papers—one each in Nature and Science—document a two-step process of projectile weapon evolution that ultimately allows modern humans to conquer the planet—building a projectile and then figuring out how to hurl it with greater distance and accuracy with assisted leverage—the root of everything from hurling spears to artillery to spaceships whipping around planets. 

Science—Earlier evidence for attaching  stone to a wooden shaft to use as a spear

Nature—Evidence for an advanced Stone Age technology dated to 71,000 years ago

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Evolution of Social Complexity Lecture Series
Cosponsored by IHO, Consortium for Biosocial Complex Systems, and School of Human Evolution and Social Change. Lectures begin September 4 and end April 2014. Full schedule here