From its very beginnings as an organization, the Institute of Human Origins focused one "leg" of its mission toward public outreach. Its founding members believed that the scientists are the best interpreters of their research for the public. We believe that sharing the story of how we "became human" with the public is as important as sharing the science. 

Today, IHO scientists and graduate students participate in a wide variety of efforts to inform and engage the public in the science of human origins. We have a variety of resources for public outreach, including—

  • Launched in 2016, IHO's newest digital resource is the John Templeton Foundation funded AskAnAnthropologist.asu.edu
  • The Webby-award-winning website—BecomingHuman.org—an engaging resource for anyone interested in human origins (currently under revision to create a more robust and mobile friendly version)
  • IHO sponsors scientific lectures and presentations, among other programs. For upcoming public lectures, go to the News and Events page in this website.
  • IHO organizes an exciting and educational Travel Program that explores areas of interest to our human origins 
  • On-campus tours and presentations are available for K-12 teachers and students, as well as for the general public!