Donald C. Johanson Paleoanthropological Research Endowment

Creating a Legacy of Research

Because of IHO Founding Director Donald Johanson’s passion for education and science, he created this endowment to inspire and contribute to training the next generation of human origins researchers. His generosity and leadership have been instrumental in sustaining a record of success of IHO’s students.

Ensuring Student Access and Success

Graduate students are the life-blood of a thriving academic-research enterprise.

Kaye Reed Scholarship Endowment

Women are underrepresented globally in science

The Institute of Human Origins (IHO) has long supported an increased opportunity for women in paleoanthropology, so we are delighted to announce a new endowment that will advance and inspire young women’s participation in science.

The Kaye Reed Scholarship Endowment will support undergraduate and graduate student research and contribute to a shift towards the gender equity needed in the research community.

Frequently Asked Questions

Physical nature of this trip

If you have read the itinerary carefully, you can see that some of the forest and mountain trekking will require some moderately strenuous hiking. Chimpanzee, gorilla, and monkey trekking outings will be several hours each in warm temperatures. Please be sure you are physically ready to take on this amazing adventure!

U.S. Currency

For use of U.S. cash in African countries, it must be currency issued 2006 or later.