Donald C. Johanson Paleoanthropological Research Endowment

Donald Johanson

Creating a Legacy of Research

Because of IHO Founding Director Donald Johanson’s passion for education and science, he created this endowment to inspire and contribute to training the next generation of human origins researchers. His generosity and leadership have been instrumental in sustaining a record of success of IHO’s students.

Ensuring Student Access and Success

Graduate students are the life-blood of a thriving academic-research enterprise.

But competition to attract the best students is fierce, and institutional recruitment funding is limited due to decreasing state and federal funding. To maintain our leading position in the annual competition for the best and the brightest graduate student candidates, IHO relies more than ever on private philanthropy and the vision of donors who understand that IHO’s leadership in human origins science depends on the financial security of our graduate-student training program.

IHO funding for these students focuses on critical periods in their training: at the beginning, when early progress and peak performance establish the trajectory for success, and during their doctoral research, which often takes them overseas to museums or remote field sites when the pressure is intense to jump-start their own careers.

The continued success of IHO research and its ability to support the best students in the world depends on the continued support of dedicated donors who understand that their investment in IHO will always produce excellent and tangible results.

On behalf of the students who are inspired by Johanson, his career, and passion for human origins science, IHO is deeply grateful for the leading role he has played in ensuring student success.

Join Donald Johanson in making an investment that supports and inspires our students to excel and become leaders of the next generation of human origins scientists under the IHO banner.

Give now

You can donate online at the "Give Now" link above or by a check payable to ASU Foundation and noting “Johanson Scholarship” in the memo section and mail to

ASU Institute of Human Origins
Attention: Donald Johnson Scholarship
PO Box 878404
Tempe AZ 85287-8404

Past and Current Recipients

Jayde Hirniak
Current graduate student

John Murray
Current graduate student

John Murray
Current graduate student

Chalachew Seyoum PhD (2020)
Postdoctoral Researcher
Integrative Anatomy, University of Missouri

Ellis Locke
Current graduate student

Alexandra Norwood (2017)
Undergraduate recipient, dual major in Anthropology and Geology
Doctoral Student, University of Michigan

Neysa Grider-Potter PhD (2019)
Postdoctoral Fellowship
Japan Society for the Promotion of Science

Inaugural recipient 2015
Halska Glowacka PhD (2017)
Assistant Professor, College of Medicine, Phoenix, University of Arizona