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Bill Kimbel

Passing on a Legacy of Research

William H. Kimbel, PhD, was the ASU Virginia M. Ullman Professor of Natural History and the Environment with the School of Human Evolution and Social Change, former director of the Institute of Human Origins (IHO), and an eminent scholar and teacher in the field of human origins. This endowment was established by his generous friends and colleagues to honor his memory and will be used to fund an annual lecture series in his name and, in the future as the endowment grows, to fund student scholarships and research.

Professor Kimbel had an international and noted career as a scientist, researcher, professor, and mentor. During more than 40 years as a paleoanthropologist, his research on the origin, evolution, and anatomy of Australopithecus afarensis, early Homo, and other early hominins has profoundly influenced how we view the evolution of our ancestors. Through his research, public outreach and student training, Kimbel’s scientific rigor has been a benchmark against which all paleoanthropological work is measured.

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Bill Kimbel Impact Lecture Speakers

Inaugural Lecture 2023
Bernard Wood PhD

Second Annual Lecture 2024
Donald Johanson PhD for the Lucy 50th Anniversary Celebration