New York 2023

IHO New York 2023

The Origins of Modern Human Cognition

An evening with Ian Tattersall PhD
Curator Emeritus of Human Origins, American Museum of Natural History

You are invited to join the Institute of Human Origins (IHO) Research Council and IHO Director and Professor Yohannes Haile-Selassie for a lively and engaging evening at The Harmonie Club in New York City. Cocktails and conversation will be followed by the evening’s feature presentation.

Ian Tattersall PhD Curator Emeritus, American Museum of Natural History

Modern human beings process information symbolically, rearranging mental symbols according to rules to envision multiple potential realities. They also express the ideas thus formed using structured articulate language. No other living creature does either of these things, reflecting a qualitative cognitive gulf between modern Homo sapiens and every other species in the Great Tree of Life on the planet. Yet it is evident that we are descended from an ancestor that was both nonsymbolic and nonlinguistic. How did the astonishing transformation to modern cognition occur? Was it simply a passive result of the increase in brain size that typified multiple lineages of the genus Homo over the Pleistocene? Dr. Tattersall presents what the scrutiny of the fossil and archaeological records reveals to answer these fascinating questions in our evolutionary history.

Tickets are $200 per person to benefit IHO research, student scholarships, and education outreach programs*


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