Frequently Asked Questions

Physical nature of this trip

If you have read the itinerary carefully, you can see that some of the forest and mountain trekking will require some moderately strenuous hiking. Chimpanzee, gorilla, and monkey trekking outings will be several hours each in warm temperatures. Please be sure you are physically ready to take on this amazing adventure!

U.S. Currency

For use of U.S. cash in African countries, it must be currency issued 2006 or later. 

Passports and Visa requirements

Kenya*: It is easy to get a Kenya visa on arrival at the Nairobi airport. You must arrive with U.S. $50 (subject to change) per person cash and a simple form that you can fill out and take with you. No photo required. Join the line for visas, which may take ten to twenty minutes, where they stamp in your visa, and you are through and on your way *Another Kenya visa is not required after a Rwanda visit.

Tanzania: Visas can be obtained on arrival for $100 per person (cash). Take a filled-out visa application form and two passport photos.

Rwanda: Visas are now required for Americans and Canadians for U.S. $30 per person. This could increase at any time to US $50 per person, so be prepared for an increase.

Other destinations in Africa: When traveling to Africa, please note your passport MUST be valid for at least six months from the guests' departure date. There must be at least three blank visa pages in the passport (not endorsement pages). This is a good practice no matter where you are traveling.

Malaria/Yellow Fever preparation

We recommend Malarone as the best malaria suppressant available in the United States, and we recommend that you consult with your doctor for the appropriate doses. We highly recommend that you only take anti-malaria medicine in the evening after a full meal. Although Malarone is said to have less side effects than previous malaria medicines, people are still known to experience sun sensitivity, nausea, and fever, especially after the first few doses. It is required that you have a Yellow Fever International Heath Card that you get from a doctor for travel in Tanzania and Rwanda. It is wise for any traveler to be up-to-date on tetanus, polio, etc.

Luggage limits

Luggage limit on flights is 20 lbs. maximum per person, plus camera equipment and/or carry-on for a total weight limit of 33 lbs. per person. The airlines request you use soft-sided luggage such as duffel bags. There is a 44 lb. limit for flights to and from Kigali.

Travel insurance

We require you to make arrangements that you and your property are fully insured for the duration of your trip and also for travel in light aircraft. Make sure to check with your health insurer that any injury sustained or medications required are covered by your health insurance. Similarly, you are asked to arrange adequate insurance in the unforeseen event of postponement or cancellation. Travel insurance will need to be purchased soon after you make your deposit for the travel, so check on travel insurance soon after securing your place on the trip.


Although every possible care is taken to safe guard you and your property, we accept no liability for any accidents, injuries, or illness to clients incurred from any safari or for any loss or damage to clients’ property during safari. A separate release will need to be executed for Arizona State University.


We require a deposit of 30 percent of the final quotation to confirm the safari.

This deposit must be received before any bookings can be made.

The balance is payable 60 days prior to safari starting date (Friday, April 8, 2018)

Cancellation policy

  • If notice of cancellation is received at least 120 days prior to travel starting date, the full deposit less $2,000 per person handling fee is refunded.
  • If such notice is received between 60 and 120 days prior to travel starting date, the full deposit is forfeited.
  • If such notice is received between 30-60 days prior to travel starting date, 50 percent of the full travel cost is forfeited.
  • The full travel cost is forfeited if such notice is received less than 30 days prior to travel starting date. 
  • $750 per person for the Rwanda gorilla permits are nonrefundable.


Travel provider—Donald Young Safaris

The Institute of Human Origins is partnering with our long-time friend Don Young and his company, Donald Young Safaris/Newland, Tarlton & Co Safaris and Expeditions ( to plan and execute this trip program. Don has owned the company since 2001 and has led travel in Africa for many years. His company operates out of Colorado, which makes payment for the trip easy and within the U.S.