Faculty Experts

Institute of Human Origins' faculty researchers have expertise in the following research areas and locations. To see specific publications associated with our research faculty, go to the Publications and Articles page of this website.

To speak to one of IHO's expert scientists, contact:

Julie Russ, Assistant Director
Communications and External Relations
Office 480.727.6571
Mobile 480.338.1733

Rob Boyd PhD

Cultural evolution, evolutionary dynamics of human populations (Fiji)

Chris Campisano PhD

Earth sciences of paleoanthropological sites, paleoecology (Ethiopia, Kenya)

Helen Elizabeth Davis PhD

Ian Gilby PhD

Evolution of cooperation in primates, chimpanzee behavioral ecology (Tanzania, Uganda)

Yohannes Haile-Selassie PhD

Paleobiology of early human ancestors (Ethiopia)

Kim Hill PhD

Hunter-gatherer ecology, evolution of human sociality (South America, Philippines)

Donald Johanson PhD

African early hominins (Ethiopia)

Kevin Langergraber PhD

Chimpanzee behavioral and molecular ecology (Uganda)

Curtis Marean PhD

Zooarchaeology, origins of modern human behavior (South Africa)

Sarah Mathew PhD

Evolution and human behavior, cooperation, and warfare (Turkana, Kenya)

Thomas Morgan PhD

Evolution of animal social behavior and cognition

Charles Perreault PhD

Cultural evolution, origins of human behavior, archaeology (Mongolia, Kenya)

Kathryn Ranhorn PhD

Archaeological record of Africa, community archaeology, heritage management (Kenya)

Kaye Reed PhD

Promate community ecology, paleoecology (Ethiopia, Morocco, South Africa)

Gary Schwartz PhD

Primate life-history evolution, growth, and development (South Africa)

Joan Silk PhD

Primate behavioral ecology, evolution and sociality (Fiji, Kenya)

Anne Stone PhD

Anthropological genetics, population history, adaptation in the context of diet and disease

Denise Su PhD

Paleoecology of early hominins (Ethiopia)