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Links to 2023 IHO Year-End Research Review Articles and ASU News

IHO research teams in Hadar and Woranso-Mille
ASU News: ASU part of international team to study links between climate, geology, human evolution

The Late Pleistocene archaeological record in the Turkana Basin
By the lakeshore: Multi-scalar geoarchaeology in the Turkana Basin at GaJj17, Koobi For a (Kenya)
Quaternary Science Reviews
10.01.2023, vol 317
Kathryn L. Ranhorn, Silindokuhle S. Mavuso, Debra Colarossi, Tamara Dogndzic, Kaedan O’Brien, Mathilde Ribordy, Christopher Ssebuyungo, Shannon Warren, John W. K. Harris, David R. Braun, Emmanuel Ndiema

Ancient Pandas
ASU News: Giant pandas show an evolutionary turn of the wrist{_src}=news-story

Paleoecology Lab and Modern African Mammal Database

Species Diversity in Diverse Environments
ASU News: ASU study examines why some environments have more species than others{_src}=news-story

HSPDP Update
Plio-Pleistocene environmental variability in Africa and its implications for mammailian evolution
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences
Andrew S. Cohen, Andrew Du, John Rowan, Chad L. Yost, Anne L Billingsley, Christopher J. Campisano, Erik T. Brown, Alan L. Dino, Craig S. Feibel, Katharine Grant, John D. Kingston, Rachel L. Lupien, Veronica Muiruri R. Bernhart Owen, Kaye E. Reed, James Russell, Mona Stockhecke

Reconstructing the environmental context of human origins in Eastern Africa through scienfic drilling
Annual Review of Earth and Planetary Sciences
05.31.2022, vol 50: 451–476
Andrew S. Cohen, Christopher J. Campisano, J. Ramon Arrowsmith, Asfawossen Asrat, Catherine C. Beck, Anna K. Behrensmeyer, Alan L. Deino, Craig S. Feibel, Verena Foerster, John D. Kingston, Henry F. Lamb, Tim K. Lowenstein, Rachel L. Lupien, Veronica Muiruri, Daniel O. Olago, R. Bernhart Owen, Richard Potts, James M. Russell, Frank Schaebitz, Jeffrey R. Stone, Martin H. Trauth, Chad L. Yost

Tooth Evolution
Aspects of molar form and dietary proclivities of African colobines
Journal of Human Evolution
Vol 180, July 2023, 103384
Debbie Buatelli-Steinberg, Gary T. Schwartz, Mackie C. O’Hara, Kaita Guian, Jess Rychel, Noah Dunham, Pamela M.K. Cunneyworth, Andrea Donaldson, W. Scott McGraw

How do social norm shifts occur?
“Doing what others do” does not stabilize continuous norms
PNAS Nexus
Minhua Yan, Sarah Mathew, Robert Boyd

Mobility and Aging
Navigational experience and the preservation of spatial abilities into old age among a tropical forager-farmer population
Topics in Cognitive Science
2022, pp. 1–26
Helen E. Davis, Michael Gurven, Elizabeth Cashdan

Aging gracefully in the rainforest (Paul Hooper image for Davis article)
Eurekalert: Santa Fe Institute

Reciprocity in Sharing
ASU News: Study finds reciprocity is strongest motivator of unique human practice of daily sharing{_src}=news-story

Genetic Cultural Evolution
ASU News: Study looks at human cultural adaptation and the effects of ancient climate change{_src}=news-story

Information Theory and Archaeology
How surprising are lithic reduction strategies? The information entropy of the modes A-I framework
Lithic Technology
Jonathan Paige, Charles Perreault
Vol 48, 2023, issue 3, pp. 237-252

JGI Archive
ASU News: Jane Goodall Institute chimpanzee archive coming to ASU

“Grandmother” hypothesis in chimpanzees
ASU News: Post-reproductive benefits unclear for chimpanzee ‘grandmothers’{_src}=news-story

“Work-life balance” for baboons
ASU News: ASU study reveals ‘work-life balance’ for baboons{_src}=news-story

Ancient Pathogens
Ancient pathogens provide a window into health and well-being
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences
Cecil M. Lewis Jr, Mercy Y. Akinyi, Sharon N. DeWitte, Anne C. Stone

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