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Immerse yourself in the span of human history with accomplished scientists and a rich understanding of history

Educational Travel At Its Best

The Institute of Human Origins has a long history of research in Africa and the world to understand the course and timing of human development—the history of how we “became human.” This is our human history, and we believe that sharing this knowledge with the public is as important as sharing the science.

Our expeditions are different from any other travel experience. This is not just travel—it is immersion in the span of human history, hosted by IHO and ASU scientists who add a richer understanding to the travel experience.

At the same time, our travel adventures have been designed for fun, excitement, and comfort and take advantage of the best accommodations and sailing vessels available in the industry. We partner with top travel providers who are specialists in exotic areas of the world.

Plus, tour leaders, like Don Johanson and Bill Kimbel, have been accompanying our travelers since the 1980s to Ethiopia, France, Galapagos, Madagascar, South Africa, and Tanzania, and as well as being seasoned world travelers themselves. With years of experience, we understand the balance between a great travel experience and a rich learning program.

Upcoming trips

  • More trips to come! We are planning a third trip down the Colorado River through the Grand Canyon with geologists Chris Campisano and Ramon Arrowsmith. If you are interested in getting on the wait list for this May 2023 trip, email Julie Russ at
  • Are you interested in traveling to the Galapagos? IHO is planning to return to the Galapagos in the future. If you are interested in this trip, please email Julie Russ at to get on the list of interested travelers.

Interested in traveling with us?

Contact Julie Russ to reserve your spot today!

Julie Russ, Assistant Director (link sends e-mail)
Office 480.727.6571

Past Trips

Float the Colorado River through the Grand Canyon (2019 and 2021)
with ASU geologists Chris Campisano PhD and Ramon Arrowsmith PhD
Expedition website

Primates and Paleoanthropology Expedition (2018)
Tanzania and Rwanda in search of our primate cousins
Hosted by Ian Gilby, PhD 
Detailed itinerary | Frequently asked questions

Israel: Ancient life, sacred sites, and modern cities
 [PDF] (2016 and 2022)
Prehistoric caves, private tours of fossil collections, and the best of Tel Aviv, Jerusalem, and Nazareth
Hosted by Willian Kimbel PhD, IHO Director,
and Yoel Rak, Professor Emeritus of Anatomy, Tel Aviv University

Indonesia: Java Man, Ancient Temples, and Orangutans [PDF] (2015)
Exotic and beautiful culture of Java and eco-tour of orangutans in their natural habitat
Hosted by Donald Johanson PhD, IHO Founding Director

Galapagos Islands: Darwin’s Enchanted Islands
 [PDF] (2014)
Live Darwin’s journey of discovery through nature’s abundant diversity
Hosted by William Kimbel PhD, IHO Director,
and cosmologist Lawrence Krauss PhD
Sailing again!—Let us know if you are interested

Bordeaux region of France: Prehistoric cave art
 [PDF] (2013 and 2022)
Hidden art of early humans: Neandertals, early modern humans, and their places of expression
Hosted by independent researcher Roy Larick PhD 
and Donald Johanson PhD, IHO Founding Director

Ethiopia: The land of “Lucy" [PDF] (2012)
“Lucy’s birthplace” in the Awash Valley of Hadar, modern Addis Ababa, and the Timkat Festival

Hosted by Donald Johanson PhD, IHO Founding Director

Tanzania: Human origins and the great migration [PDF] (2011)

A classic safari through the “cradle of mankind” in the shadow of Kilimanjaro
Hosted by Donald Johanson PhD, IHO Founding Director

South Africa: Ancient voices, wildlife, and human origins [PDF] (2010)
Hosted by Donald Johanson PhD, IHO Founding Director