Excellence + Research = Impact

Groundbreaking Institute of Human Origins research and discovery have brought us to the beginning of a tantalizing new chapter in the quest for our origins.

Through research in ASU labs and at field sites around the world, our reseachers have led the way in creating new knowledge about our place in the world and how we came to occupy it—collaborative research that promises to reveal how our species transcended its position as a prominent species on a millions-of-years-old African landscape to become the preeminent species on the planet today.

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High-Profile Discovery

Searching for our origins—from "Lucy" to the earliest evidence of our own genus, Homo

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Human Uniqueness

Exploring the emergence of uniquely human attributes and understanding our species development and its indelible impact on the planet

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Emergence of Modern Humans in Africa

Discoveries that reveal how the earliest modern humans evolved before and after the great diaspora out of Africa

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Human Adaptations to a Changeable Planet

Excavating deep earth cores and investigating geological events to examine how global climate affects human evolution

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Primate Behavior

What nonhuman primates tell us about how our ancient ancestors developed cooperative behaviors

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Genetic Inquiry

DNA research opening new paths to ancient human origins and the genetic bases of primate behavior