One "leg" of the mission of the Institute of Human Origins is public outreach—so visits to the institute offices are available to the general public and educators. 

Because of covid protocols, it may be better for educators interested in human evolution presentations or information for their classes to interact with our outreach team via zoom. To discuss outreach, contact:

Julie Russ, Assistant Director
Communications + External Relations
Office 480.727.6571

ASU Open Door

ASU hosts its Open Door event each year in early spring. The day-long event offers a window into the creative energy that powers a world-class university with more than 100 interactive activities hosted by ASU student volunteers, faculty, and staff. Last year, ASU hosted Open Door fully online with activities and presentations for kindergartners through adults. Plan to attend in person for 2022 at our new offices in the Interdisciplinary Science and Technology Building 7. More information to come!

For Teachers and Educators

If you are an educator in the Phoenix or Arizona region, who is interested in human evolution presentations, please contact Julie Russ at or 480.727.6571 to discuss setting up a presentation by one of our IHO-affiliated graduate students on human origins topics that will complement your in-class coursework. See more about K-12 resources at this webpage.

Also visit for fun science activities and interesting stories about evolutionary anthropology!

General Public

IHO will be moving to our new offices on the second floor of the ISTB7 building at 777 East University during fall semester 2021. We will be happy to have you visit this spring 2022 when we are in our new facility with exciting new displays and information for public viewing! Stay tuned or email Julie Russ at to sign up for a visit in the spring.