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IHO photos skulls Lucy

The Institute of Human Origins houses a large library of images of human fossils, fossil sites, and excavation techniques from around the world. Digital images from Hadar, Ethiopia, and Mossel Bay, South Africa, among others, are requested by publishers and educators weekly. These images are available for educational and commercial use for a fee.

Text book, magazine, and newspaper publishers regularly contact IHO for images and scientific information for their publications. In the past few years, IHO has supplied more than 200 publishers with images.

In most cases, authorization to publish an image is granted under standard, photographic guidelines. Rates for publishing IHO images also follow standard guidelines based on other American photographers' rates. Some allowances are made for nonprofit organizations and educators.

For more information on IHO's photographic services, please contact the institute at Your request should include a low resolution sample of the photo, name of photo, reason for publication, length of publication, one time use or number of times to be run, if for a book, number of runs, etc. Please forward your request to


Thank you to Carol Beckwith, David Brill, Angela Fisher, Donald Johanson, William Kimbel, John Reader, Benjamin Reed, SACP4, and others who have provided images that have been used throughout this website. Illustration on Lucy's Story page by Michael Hagelberg.